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Business Photography with Kixx

Business photography with local franchise owner Jack from Kixx South Kesteven

A photoshoot with local Franchise owner Jack from Kixx South Kesteven

Kixx Football for Children

Jack McGovenrn owns and operates the South Kesteven area franchise of Kixx.  The Kixx programme offers a high energy, fun, creative and age-appropriate introduction to physical activity through football.  Aimed at boys and girls 18 months to 10 years of age, with an innovative curriculum emphasises on both the physical and social development of children.

Environmental Business Portraits

As a professional photographer Oakham Rutland it’s sometimes nice to explore different aspects of photography to broaden your skills.  I’d been thinking of ways to connect with local business owners while working on a photography project.  In addition to my Business Headshot Photography I was keen to try more environmental portraits for business owners outside of my photography studio in Oakham.

Business Photography at Stamford Football grounds with Jack from Kixx South Kesteven

The challenge of photographing in midday sun!

With Jack’s Kixx business focused on football.  Ideally the best place to photograph him in his working environment, would be on the football pitch.  We’d arranged to meet up in Stamford before midday.  The weather had been hot and sunny and was not forecast to change.  This was the perfect opportunity to incorporate some flash photography into the photographs.

The harsh midday sun brings some challenges to photographers.  But there are a few ways to use it to your advantage.  We chose a goal which positioned Jack with his back to the sun.  I can then set the camera to underexpose the background so the sky retains it’s colour and details.  Typically this would then cause Jack to be a silhouette but this is where the flash photography comes into play.

Behind the Scenes photograph of a Business Portrait. Stamford Football Ground
Behind the scenes using flash photography to balance harsh sun light.

Environmental Business Photography

Jack McGovern runs and operates the local franchise of Kixx.

If you’re interested in being photographed in your working environment and would like to have an informal chat about some ideas.  Please get in touch.

Photographer in Oakham Rutland

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