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Child Model Headshots for Modelling Agencies

Child Model Headshot taken in Oakham Rutland at Portraits by Daniel studio.

"Professional photographs will make you stand out..."

As a Headshot Photographer I often get asked for Child Model Headshots.  Child Modelling is very popular and competitive.  But it’s not necessary to spend thousands with an agency for a model portfolio when registering your child.  And this is usually typical of a scam agency so beware!  To be honest you don’t even need professional photographs to submit to a child model agency.  If you’re capable of taking clean and simple photographs of your child, against a plain non distracting background.  Ideally a white wall.  With a nice soft light source, like a window on a cloudy day.  Then you’re good to go.  There is a free version of Adobe Lightroom for mobile phones, there has some essential editing features that are great for final touches.  Straightening your photos, cropping the photo, and tweaking the exposure so it’s not too dark or light.  Avoid using any sort of filters, like from the Instagram for example.  Agencies are not looking for artistic flair.  They want to see a clean photo of your child, so they can feel confident in putting them forward to the right casting calls.

Child Model Photography - Headshots for Child Model Agency in Oakham Rutland.
Child Model Headshot taken in a photography studio in Oakham Rutland by Portraits by Daniel

Professional Child Model Headshots Will Make You Stand Out

After saying all that though, professional modelling headshots will definitely make you stand out.  For castings your photo will get looked at for a few seconds.  In that brief amount of time, if the agency or casting company has to deal with poor exposure, contrast or distracting backgrounds then you’re losing any competitive edge.  With professional modelling headshots, the focus is on the model.  You can quickly see what you need to, with the added advantage of knowing that the model has been in a professional studio.  With the experience and familiarity that brings, along with how the models skin and hair looks under professional studio lighting.

Child Model Headshot for a young child model in a studio in Oakham Rutland.
Photography of a young girl child model in a white professional studio in Oakham Rutland
Photographer in Oakham Rutland

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