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Rutland Trainer Fitness Photoshoot

The Rutland Trainer Fitness Photoshoot

Toby is a personal trainer in Oakham, Rutland and I’ve been following him on Instagram as The Rutland Trainer for a while @therutlandtrainer .  It’s inspiring to see his diet and fitness regime and a particular interest for me as Toby is vegan.  Living proof and testament to some of the modern day myths about scarcity of protein when living on a plant based diet.

I saw The Rutland Trainer post on Instagram a personal target to get his body fat percentage down to a low of 6%!  He was already in great shape but what a perfect time for a photo shoot to record and celebrate that achievement.  We scheduled a photoshoot and got some stunning results.

The Rutland Trainer Fitness Photoshoot

One of the images from the fitness photo shoot particularly stood out for me.  It’s a take on a classical image of an athlete smacking his hands together to remove excess chalk dust in preparation for exercise.  I entered this image into the monthly competition with The Master Photographers Association and was very grateful to have received a Highly Commended Photography Award.

Award Winning Rutland Photography

You can hit up The Rutland Trainer for PT, free coffee and consult over at www.therutlandtrainer.com or www.instagram.com/therutlandtrainer

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